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Cost Effective Web Services

Here you'll find a variety of services that can help you establish your brand throughout your community and across the world wide web. We'll be offering even more services in the future, and are working to make Apples Web a more self service and user friendly website. While we continue to build upon our site, we continue to offer the same high quality designs that features three-in-one functionality; website, mobile web, with mobile app features.

We're not just about web development anymore; we now offer a variety of internet marketing services for businesses, as well as individual vendors looking to promote their products and services to the general internet public,in a cost effective manner. Apples Web was redesigned with those people in mind: the small business owners, as well as those with an entrepreneural spirit, who don't have the big budget to compete with some of their closest competitors. Eventually, we hope to be the one stop shop for those of you that have been searching for affordable internet marketing solutions.


Internet marketing begins with your website. Along with Social Media outlets and SEO services, each website is developed to ensure search engine readiness, so that your products and services can stand front and center amongst the competition, while reaching those that are searching the internet for the services, products, and events that you provide.

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Affordable Internet Marketing Services

A few years ago, internet marketing was looked at as more of a technical practice, something that was handled behind the scenes. Now, it has taken a much more active, consumer-driven role. There is no denying that internet marketing is important to your business if you want your brand to succeed online, while establishing a greater web presence. Below are a list of services we provide to help you to stay afloat during these trying times of Covid -19.

web development services

Internet Marketing

Responsive website development, along with SEO can help you get more from your website by using local marketing . A great looking design can captivate your visitors and they'll spend time viewing your website. We can design a marketing package that includes website, local SEO marketing, and social media marketing that will cover all of your business and product promomotional needs. Contact us for more information on how we can help you get started.


social media marketing

My Webstaurant

My Webstaurant is an online menu ordering service for restaurants and bakeries. There are NO COMMISSIONS on your online sales, saving you from those fees that can take up to 35 % or more of your total sales. Those other online menu services are typically just glorified delivery services. With My Webstaurant, you have your own custom kiosk . We also offer complete web design and back end menu system as an in-house ordering system.


search engine optimization services

My Menu Spot

Keep your customers and employees safe with our Digital Menu Service. Customers scan a QR Code to access your menu and allow your customers to order directly from their mobile device, eliminating those laminated menus that require constant sanitization. A contactless menu service is the best way to serve your customers, while allowing for social distancing. Use as a stand-alone service, or get a free account with a My Webstaurant membership.


We Offer

Cost Effective Web Services For Your Business

It's not just businesses that could use business services. Cost effective marketing can help anyone wanting to use the internet to promote your business, helping to establish brand recognition throughout your community and across the web.

e-commerce shopping

My Vendor Spot

Start an online store, boutique, or dropshipping service using our Commission-Based online store, or pay a one-time setup fee. There is no charge in the trial version to sign up and create your store, and commissions on your sales are never more than 18% of the sale. Now you can sell your products or services online without the expensive start-up costs. We do the work, you make make sales. You can even use our site as a Dropshipping site, allowing you to sell products from other vendors, and create your own commission based shop.


newsletters and social media marketing

Online Product Designer

Start your own T-Shirt and Product Design service using our Online Product Designer system. You can use our product to create great designs for tshirts and hoodies, hats, cups, phone cases, and more. You can use our service to add your images to a number of product templates. Want your own customized version? We can create a website and add the service on the backed, allowing you to set up the program to your specific needs. Please Note: This program can only create a template, only allowing an image that you can print using the proper printing equipment.


online ebt payments

EBT Grocery Store

Did you know that store and market owners that accept EBT in store can now accept EBT PAYMENTS ONLINE? Allow us to build your online store and accept EBT payments direct from your website. While we are trying to adjust to the Covid-19 era, how convenient will it be to accept online orders from your customers, and deliver their orders right to their doorstep? This program allows any store that currently accepts EBT to accept online ordering and EBT card payments.


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